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Tank Maintenance from Amherst Aquarium

Outside help with your aquarium isn’t for everyone. This is a service provided for businesses and individuals that want an attractive feature for the office, place of business, or home. It is not for people who are looking to avoid the responsibilities of having a tank, although it does make things easier.

If you need someone to call when your tank needs help and simply don't have the time to do it, or need advice on fish selection and help with removing unsuitable specimens ...and you are willing to pay for the service; then a Tank maintenance service may be for you...even if only on a temporary basis.

A Tank maintenance service will not insure or warantee your system, nor will it defray your overall costs. Your best bet in this case would be to attend your local aquarium society and to read AQUARIUM FISH MAGAZINE. Aquarium maintenance consists of:


Client owns tank and all equipment*, livestock and decoration**. Purchases at Amherst Aquarium include delivery and installation…and in some case even free replacement! We would be happy to service your aquarium even if you purchase your supplies and livestock elsewhere.

  Maintenance can be scheduled before noon or after eight almost everyday.
  Maintenance can be as simple as once per month or even every other month, to weekly visits. You can use this service as a learning tool until you, or a member of your staff or household, feel comfortable with the duties involved.
  Maintenance agreement is a contract between two parties, spelling out responsibilities. Contract may be terminated verbally with written or e-mail copy sent before next scheduled visit. Call (800) 304-4811 or for an appointment.

Charges are $75.00/visit, for tanks 75 gallons and under; $100.00, for 90 to 125 gallon tanks; larger tank maintenance fees are determined on an individual basis. A free consultation visit is allowed within a period of 30 days after each maintenance appointment. Additional visits are $10.00/15 minutes, fee waived with delivery of purchase of $35.00 or more from AMHERST AQUARIUM.

  Amherst Aquarium will loan you a pre-colonized sponge filter, diatom filter, or UV clarifier, to get you over problems in establishing or re-establishing your tank. Every effort will be made to keep your water crystal clear and attractive to you and your visitors or patrons.  
  *All electrical equipment purchased at AMHERST AQUARIUM is guaranteed for as long as the monthly maintenance contract is kept. For example, if your heater or pump motor should fail, we will replace it free of charge.  
  ** We also have a unique plan for rotating decor! You purchase rocks, driftwood and plastic plants; we will replace these from time to time with similar but different product for a new look for your tank. Your original items will be clean and returned on the next visit. In certain cases we can even do this with fish, should you have a specimen that needs quarantine or is just antisocial in the aquarium setting you have established.  
  * Light bulbs will be replaced with new ones, on a one bulb per month basis, beginning 10 months after service contract starts!  

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  Call (800) 304-4811 or for an appointment.